Scarlett – My Promoter Experience of season 2018

Dear you,


Let me start with introducing myself to you briefly. My name is Scarlett Karoleva and this year i’ll finish my bachelor International Relations and Organisations. Currently i am situated in Leiden, the Netherlands but  I cannot wait for the summer to begin and go back to the magical island called Ibiza.


Last year, i had just turned 22,I decided I needed some excitement in my life. So in the middle of the night i randomly woke up around 4am  and came up with the idea to work in Ibiza. Immediately i went to google and googled: “nice jobs in ibiza’. My first hit was global x connect and i had a good feeling about it. The next day i wrote my application letter and sended it. Within one week i got a reply and a skype interview. I wish i could describe the moment that i got hired, i was over the moon and couldn’t wait for the summer of my dreams.


The weeks before i came to Ibiza I had good contact with my team leader and she send me the necessary information so I would arrive well prepared. The first weeks of being on the island where a challenge but i was lucky to have Niek as my mentor and he taught me how to be a good promoter. It is important to realize that a lot of companies are just hiring people without actually really caring about the promoters. This is absolutely not the case at Global x Connect. The whole team makes sure you get all the support and guidance you need. On the days I would sell less or I didn’t feel well I could rely on my colleagues and team leaders.


There are a lot of perks being a promoter. Working on the beach and calling it your office isn’t the only perk ;). Everyday is different,you meet new people from all over the world.It will surprise you have you’ll stay in touch with some of them. I, for example, met a girl from moldova last year while working. We celebrated new years eve together and i’ll come visit her in moldova this eastern. At global x connect we believe in :’work hard, play hard’. Work hard during the day and make more money on a day then you’ll normally would in two days back home( at least this was the case for me) but besides that there is also time to have fun together with the team and enjoy the amazing clubs the island has to offer. Being a promoter has taught me how to be resilient and persistent. Knowing how to sell a product is a quality that will always come in handy whether it comes down to having to give a presentation for your school or sell yourself during an interview.


Global x Connect gave my opportunities I would not have had if I would have worked for another company. Within GxC there is so much room for growth and the promoters are well being taken care off.Last year i started as a promoter but got the opportunity to be a team leader myself. I’ll make it my mission to get all the best potential out of my team. For me it is about the team and not the individual. We’re all here to have a good time while making money.

If you are looking to have the summer of a lifetime,being in a team where you’ll make friends from all over the world and at the same time make a living then go for Global x Connect. It was the best decision I have made and I can recommend it everyone!

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