Julian – My Promoter Experience of season 2018

My name is Julian from the Netherlands & I did a sales-season in Ibiza with Global X Connect last summer; it was a hell of a ride! 🔥

I arrived as a complete rookie on the island, no idea what this crazy island had in store for me… but during the first few days/weeks I had a great support system from the GXC Team, who all carefully explained me the ins & outs of the island, the clubs, the lovely sales tactics & all the other questions that came out of my beautiful mouth 😉

In the first week(s), I got the opportunity to experience the services that we sell for myself; (a.k.a join the BOAT PARTY & Go to the clubs!) I also got mentored and prepared to be a great promoter;
(a.k.a Sales training & careful explanations of the ins / outs of the job!)

Look i’m not gonna lie, it will be hard in the first few weeks if you’re not familiar with rejection, but if you plow through that period, you’ll get all the benefits later on! after a full season;
– you’ll be a great communicator
– you’ll have had the craziest experiences on a lovely party island 😉
– you’ll have grown as a person
– you’ll have had loads of fun with a real team & community!
– you’ll have improved your languages, & discovered new cultures!
–  you’ll also have explored some sick secret spots on the island on your free days 😉

In case you were wondering, you’ll also meet a F* ton of people from all around the world, so you’ll not only expand your network for future use, but also gain friendships & memories that are pretty unforgettable 😉

About the financial part; I got a nice commission What you put in is also what you get out of it. Some days we didnt sell that much beacuse we where partying too much the night before, some days average and some days where amazing! Bassicly I was earning average 80 Euro a day which made it possible easilly supporting my Ibzia summer lifestyle. My motto was work hard party hard!

As a promoter, I really learned to take care of myself and also to live in a community together! After a day at the beach, it was always fun to go out and do fun shit with friends; go out to eat, go to a club or just chill at home! on free days, you must rent scooters and explore the sick spots on the island!! yes, i say ‘must’, because it was awesome.

If i had to summarize it: it was a hell of a summer with the craziest experiences & I learned a lot about myself and other people along the way!
fun with tons of people, the best clubs, cool spots on the island… but also, learning how to communicate & present myself in a good way! sure there will also be some downs, but that’s part of life anyways 😉
I would totally encourage you to experience this journey together with us in Ibiza! 🔥
check out my “aftermovie” of this summer 😆


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