Albion – My Promoter Experience of season 2018

My name is Albion and I’m 29 years old, I was the first time in 2012 in Ibiza and spent a very nice holiday. After the saying once Ibiza, always Ibiza.


In 2018, I met Niek and knew he was a cool guy and a “real papi like me” 😎


He told me about his company Global X Connect and his vision of what his goals are for the future.

So I got to know the other promoters and realized quickly we are all a small family on a crazy island.

I started as a promoter and became a top seller and VIP concierge. I had a great time with Global X Connect and I know there are no limits!

If you want something, you can achieve everything in life and Ibiza is one of the best places to make your dreams come true.


International party people, international DJ’s, sun, fun and friendships with cool people. I am looking forward to the next season and to my colleagues. And will give my best again as always.


Unforgettable memories and the hottest time is waiting again on Crazy Island in 2019 !!

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