Fun at Sea!

Open bar

A cold beer, nice wine or perhaps a sangria or soft drink? Get your unlimited drinks on board. And no worries, the captain will sail the boat


Because we don’t want you to be hungry. Fresh fruits, muffins, brownies and others to keep you going.

Party time

Together with our DJ, dancers and photographer we will make an epic party together. Ready for the champagne shower?

A full party package

We will take care of you

Meet new people

In total 300 people can come on board. Time to meet new people.

Day or sunset

Daytime (1pm - 5pm) or sunset (5pm - 9pm) boat trips.  

Water activities

Diving jump, slides from the boat and jet ski.

Club entry

1 free or reduced club entrance include.

Food & drinks

Sangria, beer, sparkling wine, soft drinks, muffins,brownies, fresh fruits, salad and/or paella.

Free photo’s

Get your cool party photo’s made by a professional photographer.

Ready for a cool party? Get your ticket on time.